About Crumb Fight
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Welcome to Crumb Fight!

Hello visitors, I’m Janine. I grew up in New Zealand with Middle Eastern parents, and am now living in the amazingly beautiful city of Vancouver.

It’s no secret that I love food. I’m incredibly indecisive when I’m at a restaurant because I want everything. I think about dinner as I take my last bite of lunch, and I can watch the food channel all day without realizing the sun has set. My biggest weakness would have to be bread. The smell of freshly baked bread is intoxicating. I never bring it home anymore because I may as well eat the whole thing at the store. I can’t resist duck if I see it on a menu, and ice cream is, and will always be, my favourite sweet treat (so I can’t bring that home either). I love muffins-only fruit ones though, chocolate ruins them. And in my mind edamame is the king of healthy snacks, and popcorn its queen.

I have always gravitated towards dishes that have a random mix of ingredients, and that’s kind of how Crumb Fight came about. It’s a mix of my heritage and the fun of conjuring up my own recipes – some traditional and others, not so much. I generally cook quite healthy meals, so you won’t see much butter, oil or an excessive amount of cheese in the majority of these dishes – ‘easy on the cheese’ is probably the first thing travelers to North America learn.

I started doing restaurant reviews because I was eating out so often and rarely at the same place. Plus I can relive the meal when I write about it! I have one golden rule for when I’m dining out somewhere new and exciting, and known for good eating. Healthy options go out the window – the most delicious or weirdest meal has to be chosen.

If you have any comments, questions, or recipe ideas let me know. I LOVE hearing from you!