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Hell Pizza, a heavenly taste from home

I know it is a little bit strange to be reviewing a pizza joint, but this is not just any Pizza joint. Hell Pizza sells the best pizza in New Zealand. Unique flavors, fresh ingredients, great service, pretty much the whole package. When I heard they were opening up in Vancouver in the West End (they have another location in North Van), I was so excited! Finally Vancouver would get to experience what pizza should taste like. My North American burger frustrations far exceed my pizza ones, but luckily I discovered Romer’s Burger Bar to fill that void.

Hell truly lives up to its name. I seem to remember them handing out condoms as a promo item to turn people to the dark side. They also have a pretty genius promotion in-store called Pizza Roulette, where one pizza slice has the world’s hottest chili sauce all over it – but which piece is it?! Since I was eating 50% of my pizza, I decided it was not the right time for me to play this game. Next party however…

Hell Pizza also provide dairy-free cheese and gluten free pizza bases! One last thing to mention is that Hell Pizza is a licensed restaurant AND they sell L&P! Waa you ask? It’s a fizzy drink in NZ, aka soda/pop, which tastes of lemony goodness. They don’t sell it openly, but if you ask for it in your best kiwi accent, they are happy to oblige.

I went with Jake, and we decided to get one double pizza with two different toppings.

Jakes choice
Cursed: Chicken, Bacon, Ham, Pickles, Honey Mustard & Onions, Smoked Cheddar

My choice
Grimm: Chicken, Spring Onion, Cream Cheese, Apricot Sauce, Rosemary & Pine Nuts

Grimm was a delight. The pine nuts, rosemary and the apricot sauce, which is shipped all the way from NZ by the way, complement each other so well. A really unique pizza topping that I loved. Usually I am a huge fan of cream cheese, but I thought the addition of it here was a little bit much. The pizza is already heavy so the cream cheese just took it to another level. Maybe if it was spread on the base, or mixed in with the apricot sauce instead of sitting in large chucks on the pizza, it would have been a bit better. I would recommend ordering it without.

Cursed resembled the taste of a burger due to the pickles. Trust Jake to order pizza that tasted like a hamburger! I don’t hate burgers, but I don’t like pickles in my burger, so to me this pizza was ok. The honey mustard sauce was great and complemented the pickles nicely. This sauce is also from NZ!

I really recommend you try this place out next time you feel like pizza. They deliver too so you really can’t say no. You don’t get the same horrible tummy turmoil eating here as you do at other pizza places. AND their takeaway box turns into a mini coffin to hold your leftover slice of pizza!

Price $$ | Service 5 | Atmosphere 3 | Overall 4
1074 Davie St, 604-336-3416 | 1931 Lonsdale Ave 604-986- 6661 | hellpizza.com

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