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La Taqueria

I have never been a huge fan of Mexican food. I hated when people suggested going to Mexican restaurants, it always made me cringe. What’s worse is dating a guy that loves Mexican food. He would have nachos for dinner every night if he could. So as you can imagine when I was on the way to Mexico City I was a little unsure of what the food situation would be like. After eating at my first food cart, I was addicted!! I had no idea that Mexican Mexican was that different. Everything was so fresh! The salsa was fresh, the meat was cooked in front of you, and the best part was that it wasn’t drowned in cheese or beans!! Mexican food now ranks very highly on my fav food list.

When I heard about La Taqueria, I was excited, but reserved. I had heard that it was authentic but I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much. Needless to say La Taqueria was amazing and I am so glad that it’s close to my office. Everything is very authentic and very fresh. Their menu changes often, and they have weekly food specials and freebies – free Horchata on Tuesdays if you’re a fan of their Facebook page. Mmm horchata…

The store itself looks great. It has an eclectic feel – exposed brick, bright, lots of colors, Mexican wrestling masks on the counter – it’s a place you want to hang out in.
I stole/ borrowed these pics from their site, I hope they don’t mind. My iPhone ones were uninspiring. There is usually a huge line of eager patrons, so choose your arrival time wisely.

This is what I had on my recent visit:

DE CACHETE: braised beef cheeks
This one was delicious, but a little bit rich for my liking. It would have really benefited from having a fresh element on top. I would recommend getting a different beef one. Perhaps the DE LENGUA – braised beef tongue.

CARNITAS: pork confit with pickled red onions
Carnitas are what you would commonly see served at a Mexican street vendor. This taco was delicious, great flavour, not too heavy, not too light.

TINGA DE HONGOS: sautéed fresh mushrooms in spicy chipotle sauce (vegan)
The spicy chipotle sauce is quite delicious but also quite spicy as the description suggests – you kind of lose the mushrooms in it.

PESCADO: grilled season fish with pico de gallo
The fish was really fresh, subtle flavour – could have used a little more bang, very light like fish should be.

Amazing as always, could drink a bathtub full of it and not complain.

Price $ | Service 4.5 | Atmosphere 4.5 | Overall 4
322 West Hastings St, Vancouver | 604-568-4406 | lataqueria.ca

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