The Baker & The Chef

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The Baker & The Chef which you might remember as The Cambie Bakery, invited a bunch of food bloggers down to their relaunched sandwich café. A genius idea really – inexpensive to put on, and a fun free night for … Continue reading

La Taqueria

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I have never been a huge fan of Mexican food. I hated when people suggested going to Mexican restaurants, it always made me cringe. What’s worse is dating a guy that loves Mexican food. He would have nachos for dinner … Continue reading

Almond Pea Soup & Spread

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A friend of mine works one block away from my office, so we see each other almost every day. We probably spend 80% of our lunch break, discussing food – what we had for dinner what’s for lunch, what ingredients … Continue reading

Beet & Parsley Hummus

Beet and Parsley Hummus by Crumb Fight
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Growing up, we had hummus all the time. I guess that’s just what happens when you have Middle Eastern parents. It’s such a great thing to have in your fridge because you always find uses for it. I’d never roasted … Continue reading

Sushi Bella

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A few people have mentioned that I should add a restaurant review section to Crumb Fight. Mainly because I am obsessed with food of course, but also because I am always trying out new places, and I rarely order the … Continue reading

Kale Chips

Kale Chips | by Crumb Fight
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I have been on a bit of a health kick the last few weeks, so I started looking for some healthy snack options. Carrot sticks and nuts were getting a bit old, and I was getting super jealous of my … Continue reading

Lychee Lemon Cheesecake Muffins

Lychee Lemon cheesecake Muffins | by Crumb Fight
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Every once in a while when I’m walking through the supermarket, I’ll put a few random items into my trolly. On my latest trip, one of those items was canned lychees in syrup.  Lychee’s not an ingredient you see often … Continue reading

Rosemary Infused Oil

Rosemary Infused Oil | by Crumb Fight
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Rosemary infused peanut oil to be precise. That’s what I used, but you can really use any type of oil for your infusion depending on how you plan to use it. Olive oil is the clear first choice, but I … Continue reading

Pork & Rhubarb Cabbage Rolls

Pork & Rhubarb Cabbage Rolls | by Crumb Fight
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I love cabbage. I know that’s weird, but I really enjoy the texture of it. This is the first time I’ve made cabbage rolls. I had them at a Ukrainian restaurant recently and wanted to make my own, less traditional … Continue reading

Green Fritters

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It was nearing the end of the week and all the vegetables in my fridge were at risk of becoming another generic stirfry. That day my friend told me she was making a green pizza, so that sparked the idea … Continue reading