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The Baker & The Chef

The Baker & The Chef which you might remember as The Cambie Bakery, invited a bunch of food bloggers down to their relaunched sandwich café. A genius idea really – inexpensive to put on, and a fun free night for those with the gift of the written gab.

I really love the name of the place, and the decor looks great too. It’s got that Soho loft vibe with a quirk. Exposed brick, lime green accents, modern menu design and an art exhibition on the walls. Photos are courtesy of their in-house designer. Thanks Dave! Here’s a picture of me and my friend Megan, I call her my editor.

They had put out samples of basically their entire menu, paninis, sandwiches, scones, cakes and soups. I have actually eaten here once before – the picture of me eating a sandwich on my about page is actually from The Baker and The Chef. I would always prefer to create my own (which you can do here), but if you’re going to pick one straight from the menu, I would go with the Whistler – great combo of flavours.

The soup (we had seafood chowder, and beef and onion) was very good. Probably the best chowder I’ve had – good consistency, creamy, the right amount of fishy, and it had proper chunky bits in it. Beef and onion had a good stew flavor, but was a bit oily for my liking. The sausage rolls were also really good – you must always praise a sausage roll that actually tastes like it’s made of real meat.

The sweet items were pretty good, chocolate cake was just chocolate cake – good but nothing to write home about. The peanut butter granola bar was quite tasty – I was happily surprised that the peanut butter taste wasn’t too overwhelming.

The item of the night?

The Carrot Cake

It was so incredible that I thought it deserved its own title. Watch people take their first bite and you’ll feel like you’ve walked in on them doing something much different than eating. This heavenly carrot cake is the moistest cake I have had in my entire life. It’s really more like pudding than a cake. I’m not a huge fan of icing, it was a bit sweet for me, but Megan assured me that it was of the same caliber as the heaven cake – yes that’s what I’m calling it now. Great flavor and great texture, just amazing.

I’m going to make it my life mission to create a carrot cake recipe that’s just as good.

Price $$ | Service 3 | Atmosphere 4 | Overall 3.5
320 Cambie St, Vancouver | 604-688-9925 | thebakerandthechef.com

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