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The Flying Pig

My friend and her mum were visiting from Alberta for the weekend to see Stevie Nicks at Stanley Park. I have been trying to convince my friend to move to Vancouver, so every time she visits, I make sure I show her the gems the city has to offer. On this particular trip we had decided to do bunch. The first three places that came to mind were Medina Cafe, Nelson the Seagull and The Flying Pig. We didn’t want to walk my friend’s mum through East Hastings, and we were far too hungry to wait 30 people back in a line so we decided on The Flying Pig. The main pic is courtesy of their Facebook page. Note to self – must remember to take an exterior shot next time.

The Flying Pig is one of those places you walk past, and something about it draws you in. It’s comfortable, simply designed, and not at all pretentious. They use fresh local ingredients, and are truly passionate about the food they bring to your table. They have an open plan kitchen which I love, so you can actually see them creating magic while you wait.

I would highly recommend calling and making a reservation before you come down. We ended up waiting about an hour for a table on a busy Sunday morning. The plus side of that is that we all knew exactly what we wanted when we sat down. Our waiter was so lovely and sweet! If you met him I’m sure you would agree! Everyone we spoke to at the restaurant was so friendly – and such a natural relaxed friendliness too. It reminded me a little bit of New Zealand.

We got given complimentary cinnamon buns which I was told they order from a bakery, and literally within about 5 mins our food was brought to our table! Here’s what we ordered:

Smoked Salmon Benedict: house smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, hollandaise

My friend and I both ordered the eggs bennie. I ordered mine with the hollandaise on the side out of habit. Instead of an English muffin the eggs bennie was seated on a piece of sourdough. Overall, and I hate to say this, I found this dish a little much. There was quite a lot of smoked salmon on the bread, and with the heavy cream cheese and the hollandaise I was really struggling to finish my meal. The bread was also quite tough to cut, so maybe ask for a steak knife if you order it. I am told that they change up the menu often so you might find it different when you head down. The hollandaise sauce itself though was great – really light and not too overpowering.

Chef Erik’s Croque Madame: sourdough, 3 cheeses, ham, over easy eggs

Jake ordered the croquet madam, which I wish I had ordered! It was a very simple dish, but the 3 cheeses had a good strong flavor and tied everything together very nicely.

Crispy Hashbrowns
: made to order lyonnaise style

A shredded potato patty! Not dripping in oil, so made for a great side to a simple breakfast.

 Mac and Cheese

My friends mum ordered the mac and cheese. I have such a weakness for this dish that I have to compose myself every time I am near it, and this one was heavenly. It wasn’t swimming in a thick layer of cheesy sauce. The cheese was subtle, but present, pasta cooked well. The juices from the mushrooms added a delicious freshness. Highly recommend this!

 Once we finished our food, we peer into the kitchen to see them baking a fresh batch of blueberry scones as a replacement to the complementary cinnamon buns. As we were paying our bills, our lovely waiter brought out scones for each of us! They were glistening and warm from the oven, and yes they were YUMMY! I want to try every item on their menu!

Price $ | Service 5 | Atmosphere 4 | Overall 4.5
1168 Hamilton Street, Vancouver | 604-568-1344  | theflyingpigvan.com

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